About Me

I am a stay-at-home mothering, half-hearted housekeeping, screamingly liberal theatre geek. I reside in Minneapolis with my unbelievably awesome husband Chad and my two girls, Eleanor (9) and Sylvia (6), but someday I hope to move us all down south, where I’m originally from. I’m a part-time theatre professor, director and actor, dreaming of a full-time future. In my ever-dwindling spare moments I read (voraciously), garden (delightedly), and swear at the cats (vehemently). I like adverbs, cheesy 80s movies, and a good bourbon-and-coke. I also like writing, but I’m lazy about it – so this site is partly an effort to change that. My interests are wide-ranging and my opinions are heartfelt. Also, I swear a lot. Welcome!

See also: This is Me.

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