Calgon, take me the fuck AWAY

So the stomach bug recurrence only lasted 24 hours, thank Maude, which meant that after an evening’s hard labor cleaning the public areas of the house, the Hatchling and I were able to host playgroup this morning, and very much enjoyed a mellow morning with some of our favorite moms and toddlers. (Well, the moms were mellow. The toddlers, not so much.) It was nice and thaw-y today, the house is clean, I was feeling good! Then I heard the damn weather report, which is predicting a possible EIGHT INCHES of snow starting around noon tomorrow and going through the night. GOD, this is why I hate February and March. You get these tantalizing glimpses of warmer weather, a few stolen days here and there where boots and mittens are not required, and then WHAMMO! Mother Nature is all, “psych, bitchez!” and throws down with a damn blizzard. This winter has already sucked, weather wise, and I am just. So. Over it. I need a cruise. Or a beach vacation. Or … I dunno, a pina colada and a tanning bed. I’M GETTING DESPERATE.

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