Christ on a crutch

Delightful. Not a week after the international breastfeeding icon is revealed, Delta airlines kicks a family off one of their flights because the mother was breastfeeding. Now, to my mind, it ought to be perfectly acceptable for nursing moms to go shirtless on planes while they’re feeding their kids, but I recognize that’s not everyone’s view. However, in this case, the woman was sitting in the second to last row of the plane, in the window seat, with her husband sitting next to her. In other words, she was about as discreet as you can get when you’re nursing. But apparently it wasn’t discreet enough for the flight attendant:

A flight attendant tried to hand her a blanket and told her to cover up, Gillette said. She declined, telling the flight attendant she had a legal right to breast-feed her baby.

Moments later, a Delta ticket agent approached and said the flight attendant had asked that the family be removed from the flight, Gillette said. She said she didn’t want to make a scene and complied.

Jesus. Look, nursing, especially during takeoff and landing, is the best way to ensure that the kid isn’t screaming its head off on the flight. As the veteran of two long flights with an infant in tow, I can tell you there is NO WAY we could have done it without nursing. I guess Delta just isn’t interested in selling tickets to fertile women.

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