Linky Bits for Hump Day

Welcome, Shakesville pilgrims. Hope you like what you see. Here are some things to read/watch since I’m not writing today:

1. This is possibly the snarkiest movie review EVER. I mean, this guy commits to the snark.

2. So, I cried like a baby during Hillary’s I’m-stepping-down speech, and I was both surprised at myself and a little embarrassed to admit it, because most of my friends and family are Barack supporters and I thought they’d make fun of me or think I was silly. But fuck it, you know? It was a motherfucking good speech, and there is much to mourn in her stepping down. Anyway, New York Magazine has several articles on HRC in their latest issue; Tennessee Guerilla Women have a rundown on what’s worth reading and what isn’t.

3. I so want to do this.

4. One of my former coworkers just got married to his longtime partner in San Francisco, and they covered it in the Strib. Check out the photo gallery, too. This totally made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

5. Speaking of warm and fuzzy feelings, if this video of the Hatchling and her friend at the zoo doesn’t make you a little gooey YOU’RE DEAD INSIDE:

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