My normal weekly schedule:
Hang out with the Hatchling, get out of the house in the afternoons to run errands or go to the park, maybe one or two playdates with friends.

This week:
Mon-Wed: Mini-Reunion with 7 college girlfriends and their families (collectively, 13 kids under the age of 9. Oy.)

Thurs: Lunch with glamorous blog-friend. Coffee with glamorous pre-blog friend. Oh, and it’s my birthday, so dinner and a movie with Mr. Squab, sans bebe. W00t!

Fri: Much beloved mother-in-law coming for the weekend. Attempt to create some semblance of order in the house.

And that’s not even including the weekend. Just call me Madame Butterfly. Social Butterfly, that is.

(Oh yeah – which is all to say, posting may be light this week.)

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