Friday Video Blogging

Ah, Friday. It’s funny how even though I no longer work a M-F/9-5 job, I still look forward to Fridays. Oh, wait, that’s not funny, IT JUST MAKES SENSE. Best part about Saturdays? Mr. Squab gets up with the Hatchling and I get to sleep in. I will NEVER grow out of that.

Anyhoo. Here are our weekly video recommendations. The Hatchling recommends:

Be sure you watch until the end – it’s the cutest.

The Mamala recommends:

Mummenschanz made a HUGE impression on me as a young kid. Their playfulness, expressive use of movement and innovative masks are still captivating to me. In a lot of ways, they epitomize my favorite kind of entertainment: material that’s equally kid- and adult-friendly. Hope you like it!

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