Gaining …

8.2 pounds! Up past the birthweight, which is delightful. Only drawback is that this is the direct result of a somewhat wearying schedule of breastfeeding, supplementing with formula, and pumping. The Hatchling got her poor little tongue snipped at the doctor’s on Thursday, and that has made it a little easier for her to nurse, but she’s still struggling to get enough just from the boobs. Meanwhile, I’m a little worried about how this is all going to work once Mr. Squab goes back to work next Monday. Right now feeding the Hatchling is definitely a two-person job, and I don’t quite know how I’ll manage it when I’m at home by myself with her. We’re supposed to hear back from the lactation consultant later today, so hopefully she’ll have some ideas.

BUT – let’s focus on the positive: she’s full and happy and getting chubbier by the minute. And I know, I know I need to post some more pictures, and I promise I will soon – hopefully tonight. It’s just we have this small person who’s living with us now, and she wants all this attention all the time, and when I try to explain to her that I have this blog and I need to frickin’ POST on it, she just frowns and waves her fingers in a highly dismissive manner. So until I can work out some sort of arrangement with this little tyrant the blogging may remain somewhat sporadic.

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