I’m not dead or anything

… just otherwise occupied. We survived the vacation! The Hatchling was a real trouper – slept better than she sleeps at home, lovedlovedloved the water, and remained amazingly zen about the sudden explosion of people she was living with (at one point, there were 11 of us!). She let her Oma take her down to the lake just about every day, and managed to get all her naps in even when the temperature and humidity soared. Her mama, on the other hand, was not quite so relaxed. I was so worried that we’d be bothering the others (shushing them all the time or waking them with a screaming baby) or that they’d be bothering us (making noise when the baby was sleeping or convincing me to stay up too late playing cards) that I had a hard time enjoying myself as much as I should have. It was very, very different from being there without a baby! Normally I think of the cottage as a place for serious vegetation – I read trash novels, spend entire days lying on the sand or in the water, and nights are for drinking and playing games with the siblings. I think this year I only actually got in the water two times, and the most I managed to read was a few scattered pages of magazines. But it was great to see the family, and for them to see the Hatchling. And my mom was in full-on chef mode, so we ate like kings. I’m glad we went, but boy, I’m also glad to be home!

Lady in the Water

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