Yet another reason Sweden kicks our collective ass.

Because they make drama for babies. Really small babies. Check it:

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – The audience for a new play at Stockholm’s City Theater was getting restive only half an hour into the dress rehearsal. One had crawled stage left. Two others were being discreetly breast fed.

Not that the actors were fazed by the audience’s antics. The play is aimed at babies 6 to 12 months old.

“Baby Drama,” which opened this week and is already sold out, was written by psychoanalyst Ann-Sofie Barany and directed by Suzanne Osten, renowned for her work in children’s theater.

“Babies are the perfect audience,” said Barany after the dress rehearsal. “You can’t find a more open, unconventional, and honest spectator.”

The hour-long play shows the cycle of parenthood, birth and early life with the help of props such as red velvet curtains representing the womb and baby-bouncers that drop down from the ceiling, in which members of the audience are invited to sit.

Barany and Osten said the intention was to encourage tots to develop a new understanding of their existence and make parents rethink how they relate to their children.

God, I bet that’s hilarious to watch. I dunno if those babies are getting much out of the experience that they couldn’t get at the playground (though I appreciate the lofty/existential goal of the producers), but how can you not love a show where you can bring your baby, breastfeed, and use the bouncy chairs that drop down from the ceiling? And you KNOW it was state-funded. I gotta start learning Swedish. (via DaddyTypes)

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