In which your fearless blogger returns from the vast wasteland of non-posting

editorial-guidelinesWhoa. Wait a minute. Did you guys know I have a BLOG?!? The hell? Why didn’t somebody TELL me?!

Ahem. I know. I’m hilarious. So … how’s it going? Long time no see! Funny how three years can just cruise by in the blink of an eye like that. I wish I could say I’ve been on some cosmic journey of self-actualization and spiritual growth, but the truth is I just got bogged down in the morass of parenting/wife-ing/friending/teaching/seasonal depressing/social media-ing STUFF that makes up my daily life. And it turns out that once you get out of the habit of blogging, it’s pretty easy to STAY out of the habit. (Although it also turns out that I often think about my life in blog posts, even if they don’t ever make it to the publication stage. I’m sure that says something profound about my mental state, but I frankly don’t care what.)

Anyhoodle, I think I’m gonna crank up this here site again. No promises as to frequency of posting, but I feel like I might have some things to say once in a while, so consider yourself on notice. Shit’s about to get REAL.

13 responses to “In which your fearless blogger returns from the vast wasteland of non-posting

  1. Welcome back, stranger!

  2. Yay! I love when shut gets real. 😉

  3. GOOD! So glad! Can’t wait to read whenever you feel like writing!

  4. Seems like tats you’ll regret later.

  5. Looking forward!

  6. Like, do people even do this anymore?

  7. So, this is like a written podcast?

  8. I hear you, lady! It’s ridic how busy life gets and how hard it can be to find the time to maintain a blog. I’m not doing so well myself since going back to FT work. I can barely find the time to eat and sleep, let alone write! But welcome back and good luck. 🙂