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In which your fearless blogger returns from the vast wasteland of non-posting

editorial-guidelinesWhoa. Wait a minute. Did you guys know I have a BLOG?!? The hell? Why didn’t somebody TELL me?!

Ahem. I know. I’m hilarious. So … how’s it going? Long time no see! Funny how three years can just cruise by in the blink of an eye like that. I wish I could say I’ve been on some cosmic journey of self-actualization and spiritual growth, but the truth is I just got bogged down in the morass of parenting/wife-ing/friending/teaching/seasonal depressing/social media-ing STUFF that makes up my daily life. And it turns out that once you get out of the habit of blogging, it’s pretty easy to STAY out of the habit. (Although it also turns out that I often think about my life in blog posts, even if they don’t ever make it to the publication stage. I’m sure that says something profound about my mental state, but I frankly don’t care what.)

Anyhoodle, I think I’m gonna crank up this here site again. No promises as to frequency of posting, but I feel like I might have some things to say once in a while, so consider yourself on notice. Shit’s about to get REAL.

Heads Up

I think Ima start blogging again. Consider yourself warned.


I know. I KNOW!! Here I was going to post more regularly and I haven’t been keeping up. AND I need to write up the Sprout’s one year letter before she turns TWO or something and … I know. I just keep not having a spare moment, or when I do, I’m using it to grab some sleep so I can survive the horrible colds both of my children have, the major symptoms of which are a hacking cough and a fiendish inability to sleep longer than three hours at a pop. But I swear I have some posts in the offing. Just as soon as I can get to them.

Willkommen, Bienvenue, etc., etc.

Howdy, y’all! Welcome to the new digs! I’m still refining the site – Mr. Squab is designing me some graphics and I’m monkeying around with colors and widgets and stuff, but the basics are all here. Check out the top left menu with the “About” page, and note the new contact info. I’m hoping this reboot will get me posting more often, but seeing as how I have these two squabspawn around me all the time, I’m not making any promises. Take a look around and let me know what you think!


So my comments system (Haloscan) went belly up, and I’m using it as an excuse to give this here tired ole blog a bit of a facelift. However, as I am strictly amateur at this interwebz design stuff, it may take a little while to work out all the glitches. Just wanted to let you know that I know the comments aren’t working and it will all be good in a few days. Or so. In the meantime, have a bear hug:

Bear Hug!

Apparently my life is currently incompatible with blogging

It’s not like things haven’t been happening. The Sprout turned 3 months old, the Hatchling is coming up with new catchphrases and other awesomeness all the time, Mr. Squab and I celebrated our 7th anniversary, I finished rereading the entire Harry Potter series – I mean, the days are filled. Just not so much with the blogging. However, I know I need to post a 3 month letter for the Sprout, and we also have some lovely videos in the hopper, so, um … stay tuned!! Look! Cute pictures!

Crazy-eyed Ellie

Smiling for Mama

Sweet Sisters


I swear, this pregnancy is making me a total klutz. I’m not saying that I’m the epitome of grace at the best of times, but the last two weeks my level of physical ineptitude has really gotten ridiculous. I can’t fix a meal without dropping at least three key items on the floor. I can no longer pour myself a drink without spilling at least a few drops. I drop … everything. Books, shoes, silverware, my glasses, you name it. I can’t even type as well as I used to be able to. IT IS IRRITATING. Particularly when I’m making many things for Christmas-type gifts, and the band-aids! I have used so many! I’m presently working on the theory that drops/smudges of actual human blood give gifts that handmade, one-of-a-kind essence that you just can’t buy. (And really, why would you WANT to?)

In other news, my other blog has been de-spammified, so there are new recommendations up for your yuletide reading pleasure.

In other blogging news …

So I just spent some time last night on updating my other blog and was planning on having an advent extravaganza of posting to make up for not having posted on it for, like, two months, but then Google disabled it sometime in the wee hours of the morning because it thought it was a spamblog. So now I have to wait until an actual person reviews it and sees that it’s not, and I’m not sure how long that will take. In the meantime, though, I’ve set up an store for Books Your Kid Should Read, and right now it’s featuring a bunch of my favorite holiday books. So if you’re in the market for reading material for your kids or someone else’s, you could, you know, stop by and take a look. If you buy through my site I get a (very small) kickback from the purchase. And I’ll let you know when the other blog is back up.


I’m currently at an undisclosed cabin location somewhere in western Wisconsin, enjoying a week “off” with family and friends. Blogging will be light to nonexistent, much like the DSL signal here. Regular blogging will resume next week. In the meantime, here’s hoping that Gustav calms the fuck down and leaves the Louisiana coast alone.

A New Venture

I’ve started a new blog that some of you might be interested in. It’s a vehicle for an abiding interest of mine, children’s literature, and it’s something I’d been thinking of doing for a while now. Basically it’s a recommendation site, where I can review and advocate for some of my favorite “must-read” children’s books, everything from board books and picture books to classic read-aloud works and “young adult” fiction. The site came about because I was often finding myself talking with other parents about my favorite books from childhood and discovering they’d never heard of them. Anyway, if you’re interested in children’s lit either for its own sake or for your kids, take a look at Books Your Kid Should Read and let me know what you think. Comments and suggestions are welcome!