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They Say You Can’t Go Home Again …

onmymindSo here’s the deal: As many of you know, my academic career kind of stalled out right around the time I had my first kid. I was one of those silly, silly people who  went straight through from my BA program (in MN) to my MA program (in OH) to my PhD program (in CA) with nary a pause for rest or reflection. I’ve always known what I wanted to do (theatre), and I’ve always been good at school (nerd), so it seemed like … uh … the thing to do, you know?

And don’t get me wrong – I loved my grad programs. Loved the people, loved the classes, loved the late-night last-minute research-paper cramming sessions, loved living in new places, loved learning new things, LOVED. IT.

But it’s funny how when you’re in your early twenties and not super self-aware (I know; redundant) you can convince yourself that doing a dissertation is totes no big deal, and you can fer sher take that full-time teaching job in another state while completing your thesis, and, heck, you don’t even really need a lot of contact with your committee! You are a self-motivated power-house of academic fortitude! Sure, you suffer from medicate-able levels of anxiety and depression and wrote 90% of your term papers the night before they were due and possibly your chosen topic is a little broad but WHAT POSSIBLE EFFECT COULD THAT HAVE? No, YOU shut up.

Man, my twenty-something self was dumb. Continue reading

Heads Up

I think Ima start blogging again. Consider yourself warned.

‘Allo, ‘allo

So have I mentioned that I’m going to London and Scotland for the next 10 days?

Oh, I’m sorry – what? Where the hell have I been? I should let a person know if I’m going to be gone that long? This relationship is a two way street?

Geez, I know. What can I say? Life happens, and lately I’ve been either cleaning the damn house or saying fuck it and napping rather than blogging. Now do you wanna hear about the trip or what?

OK. So, about five years ago (maybe longer), my mom took me and my next youngest sister on a trip to Italy. She just got it in her head that she wanted to go, and she had the means to take us, and so we went. Visited Bellagio, Venice, and Florence over the course of 10 days, and discovered that we travel extremely well together. It was a total blast, and ever since then we’ve been trying to figure out a way to do it again in a different locale. But, you know, I had two kids, and my sister had a kid and between that and jobs and other life-related-crap it kept getting pushed to the back burner. But now the kids are old enough to leave them for a little while with their fathers, and their fathers are insane nice enough to take their own vacation time to watch the kids, and Mom is once again flush enough and Lady Bountiful enough to foot the bill, so: voila! UK, here we come. Sis and I will fly into London, where we’ll meet up with Mom, who’s been there teaching for the last month. We’ll do a few days in London, then fly up to Inverness and explore the highlands for a few days, then train it to Edinburgh for another few days, then fly back to Heathrow to get back home. Emotions I am currently experiencing:

  1. Gratitude that I have such a lovely mother and such an extremely lovely husband.
  2. Queasiness at how much I’ll miss my girls while I’m gone. Oh, man. Really going to miss them. Despite their best efforts this week to ensure that I feel no qualms about leaving them with their father/friends/neighbors/gypsies/whoever will take them off my hands.
  3. Excitement to get that passport working – it’s been too long.
  4. Fear that my MomBrain will make me forget to pack something crucial. Like my camera. Or my sanity.
  5. Hope that I can still sleep on planes, because I may not be able to sleep until then.

Anyway. Wish me good travel tomorrow night tonight (I gotta go to bed …). I’ll post travel notes while I’m there if I can. And please send good vibes to Mr. Squab – I’m hoping he’ll still want to BE Mr. Squab when I get back.

Right. A little early, then.

OK, so these are definitely contractions. Finally called the docs at around 5:30am and they said to come in. Looks like this little one wants to get here a couple of days early. OF COURSE. On-call sister is on her way over to the house and as soon as she gets here we’re heading to the hospital. We’ll keep you posted (if you’re on facebook, check there for more prompt updates).


Here are some things to distract you from those election day jitters:

1. Take this quiz on the Obama and McCain campaigns. I got 19 out of 30. Can you beat me?

2. Check out this cool NYT gadget. I love the differences between the Obama and McCain words.

3. Lookit my new nephew!! Born this very morning at 9 am. Welcome to the world, Jackson Hunter Chemay!

A matched set

We got our big ultrasound today, the one where they measure all the baby parts and check the heart and weight and fluids and tell you what flavor fetus you have in there, if you want to know.

Which we did.

So they told us.

OK, OK … it’s a girl! She was squirming around so much in there I was afraid they wouldn’t be able to see the requisite parts, but they checked and double checked and triple checked, and sure enough: female parts. Mr. Squab will officially have a harem come March. She has all her parts, and we got the results of my quad screen (one of the tests for chromosomal abnormalities) and they were “just great” according to the perinatologist – she said my results were better than a 25-year-old’s, which just proves that I’m really, really immature young at heart. The kid weighs about 12 oz., which is right on track for this stage of pregnancy, and relieves my fears that my recent belly popping was an indicator of diabetes-related hugeness. It’s not; it’s just a second pregnancy. So all is well, at least on the inside of my uterus. Which is a good thing, because if this baby is going to put me through this level of discomfort, the least she can do is be healthy.

A New Venture

I’ve started a new blog that some of you might be interested in. It’s a vehicle for an abiding interest of mine, children’s literature, and it’s something I’d been thinking of doing for a while now. Basically it’s a recommendation site, where I can review and advocate for some of my favorite “must-read” children’s books, everything from board books and picture books to classic read-aloud works and “young adult” fiction. The site came about because I was often finding myself talking with other parents about my favorite books from childhood and discovering they’d never heard of them. Anyway, if you’re interested in children’s lit either for its own sake or for your kids, take a look at Books Your Kid Should Read and let me know what you think. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Hippo Birdie To Me

Today I am 37 years old. THIRTY-SEVEN, BITCHES. Sadly, my maturity level still hovers around 21. In celebration, Bubba has decided to make me extra nauseated today. Drugs, accupressure band, Preggie Pop drops – Bubba laughs in their faces. Personally, I’m not laughing so much. But hopefully I’ll feel better in time for the family cookout we’re having this afternoon. Because it’s my flipping BIRTHDAY, and I should be able to enjoy a fricking hamburger and some corn on the cob without my stupid fetus wrecking it for me!

The newest member of the family

Meet Cherry Ames

This is my new (to me) 2004 Honda CR-V. She is a beautiful red color, has a ton of cargo space, a roomy interior, and boasts many amenities my previous ride lacked, such as functional air-conditioning, a working radio, and a windshield without a crack going all the way across the middle, right at eye level. The sun roof and 6-disc CD changer are just gravy. In addition, she gets far better mileage than my ancient ’91 V-6 Toyota Camry ever did, and handles like a dream.

I call her Cherry Ames.

Miss Eleanor Approves

The Hatchling likes her, too.

On a Brighter Note …

So It Begins: