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The newest member of the family

Meet Cherry Ames

This is my new (to me) 2004 Honda CR-V. She is a beautiful red color, has a ton of cargo space, a roomy interior, and boasts many amenities my previous ride lacked, such as functional air-conditioning, a working radio, and a windshield without a crack going all the way across the middle, right at eye level. The sun roof and 6-disc CD changer are just gravy. In addition, she gets far better mileage than my ancient ’91 V-6 Toyota Camry ever did, and handles like a dream.

I call her Cherry Ames.

Miss Eleanor Approves

The Hatchling likes her, too.

So, like, iPhones are awesome and stuff

The Hatchling and I have been enjoying our new toy all day. I downloaded a cool “bubbles” app that was expressly designed for interfering toddlers – you glide your fingers across the screen and bubbles appear, then you tap your finger to “pop” them – and so far it’s a big hit. We also quite enjoy the lightsaber app. BECAUSE WE’RE GEEKS. Oh, and ALSO, I now have the entire works of Shakespeare available right from my phone, in case I should ever need to check a quote or remember a character name or whatever. IT COULD HAPPEN.

So, um, yeah. Me likey.

In other news, I made a fabulous batch of cold peanut-sesame noodles and Bubba enjoyed them greatly. With some Jamaican ginger beer to wash it all down. Today, the nausea was manageable.

That’s all I got. Peace out, yo.

On the other hand …

Even ridiculous levels of nausea don't seem quite so bad when you have
a cool new gadget to play with. 😉

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Mother’s Day

Yeah, so I’m a little late posting these felicitations. What can I say? My own daughter decided to show her appreciation for my mothering skills by getting the sniffles and then a fever which rendered her woebegone and snuggly in the extreme.

But I digress. It’s Mother’s Day, and while lord knows one day isn’t near enough, let us nonetheless take a moment to send a little shout out to all the moms we hold near and dear. WOOT.

Here is a most excellent mama poem by one Lucille Clifton:


i don’t promise you nothing
but this
what you pawn
i will redeem
what you steal
i will conceal
my private silence to
your public guilt
is all i got

first time a white man
opens his fly
like a good thing
we’ll just laugh
laugh real loud my
black women

when they ask you
why is your mama so funny
she is a poet
she don’t have no sense

And, for you visual learners, did you know that CafePress has almost 15,000 mama-related designs? Ye gods! There are several good ones, but my favorite would have to be this, which I think I need to get in onesie form (for the kid, for the kid):

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I want! Want, want, want!

I’m a material girl. I admit it. I love me some stuff. But I mo-specially love clever, cute stuff. Which is why I’m sorta wishing I lived in the UK today (ok, let’s be honest: I always wish I were living in the UK), because HOLY CRAP is this some cute and clever stuff.

For instance, dig these rockin’ gender Tees:

I mean, how cool is that? And then there are these fairly stellar sets for daddy and baby:

I mean, hello! You are so getting a free beer with that combo!

But the one I really must have is this:

Seriously – even if you don’t have a kid, you gotta check out this site. Tewtelly. Ass-ome.

Oh, HELL yeah

Snakes on a Plan baby apparel: These are teh awesome.

Snakes on a Plan Onesies

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Survival Kit: the first three months

We’re rounding the corner of the first three months, and in the interests of posterity (and to remind me when I have the next one), here are the beyond-the-basics things without which I would not have survived the “fourth trimester”:

The Happiest Baby on the Block (book and DVD)
A swaddling blanket or two
A good rocking chair
A sling
A CD of white noise
As Time Goes By (to watch while breastfeeding)
A good breast pump
An abiding sense of humor
Lovely friends and family to help out

I’m sure every parent has some variation on this list. What’s on yours?

Uncompensated product endorsement

If you’re a devotee of The Swaddle, as we are in the squab household, then you know what a pain in the rear it can be trying to wrassle a wriggling baby into a nice, tight swaddle so she can’t flail about. Mr. Squab and I have gotten pretty good at it, but as the Hatchling gets bigger, she gets better at squirming out of her blankets and waking herself up. So today I was at Babies-R-Us getting some breast pads and other mothering necessities, and I found the SwaddleMe. It’s made by a company called Kiddopotamus, which alone is just about cute enough to make me buy the product, but even cooler is how much freaking easier it is to use this than a regular ole blanket for swaddling. It’s got a little pouch for the feet, and adjustable velcro closures so you can get the swaddle good and tight and no wriggling will loosen it. It’s also a lot faster than swaddling with a blanket, so the swaddling battle is somewhat abbreviated. And at only $10, a part of which goes to the SIDS Alliance, I’m a big fan. We got the Hatchling one in green, and she looks just like a pea in a pod when she’s all wrapped up.

Ummmm … No.

This has to be one of the weirdest bakery concepts I’ve come across:

Yes, you’re seeing correctly: those are, in fact, sonogram cookies. From the ad copy:

“This is the ultimate way to personalize a cookie: you simply send us a picture and we’ll print it on edible paper with edible ink to create your own truly personalized gift! These delectable white chocolate enrobed graham crackers are sprinkled with edible confetti or non-parielles [sic] to frame your delightfully delicious picture.”

Hmmm … “delightfully delicious” isn’t quite the way I’d describe most sonogram pictures. “Vaguely alien,” maybe, or “Is that a tail?” And I’m not sure what message it sends to actually, you know, EAT a picture of your fetus. But hey! Takes all kinds, right? Do you suppose the red sprinkles represent the amniotic sac?

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New favorite kid’s store

Pacifier. I just found it, and I can’t believe I haven’t gone there yet! It’s like 5 minutes from where I work! And look at the cuteness!


So cute!

Slightly disturbing yet cute!

And can you just STOP already with the cute?!?

Seriously. My TEETH hurt.