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Uncompensated product endorsement

If you’re a devotee of The Swaddle, as we are in the squab household, then you know what a pain in the rear it can be trying to wrassle a wriggling baby into a nice, tight swaddle so she can’t flail about. Mr. Squab and I have gotten pretty good at it, but as the Hatchling gets bigger, she gets better at squirming out of her blankets and waking herself up. So today I was at Babies-R-Us getting some breast pads and other mothering necessities, and I found the SwaddleMe. It’s made by a company called Kiddopotamus, which alone is just about cute enough to make me buy the product, but even cooler is how much freaking easier it is to use this than a regular ole blanket for swaddling. It’s got a little pouch for the feet, and adjustable velcro closures so you can get the swaddle good and tight and no wriggling will loosen it. It’s also a lot faster than swaddling with a blanket, so the swaddling battle is somewhat abbreviated. And at only $10, a part of which goes to the SIDS Alliance, I’m a big fan. We got the Hatchling one in green, and she looks just like a pea in a pod when she’s all wrapped up.

Ummmm … No.

This has to be one of the weirdest bakery concepts I’ve come across:

Yes, you’re seeing correctly: those are, in fact, sonogram cookies. From the ad copy:

“This is the ultimate way to personalize a cookie: you simply send us a picture and we’ll print it on edible paper with edible ink to create your own truly personalized gift! These delectable white chocolate enrobed graham crackers are sprinkled with edible confetti or non-parielles [sic] to frame your delightfully delicious picture.”

Hmmm … “delightfully delicious” isn’t quite the way I’d describe most sonogram pictures. “Vaguely alien,” maybe, or “Is that a tail?” And I’m not sure what message it sends to actually, you know, EAT a picture of your fetus. But hey! Takes all kinds, right? Do you suppose the red sprinkles represent the amniotic sac?

(via DaddyTypes)

New favorite kid’s store

Pacifier. I just found it, and I can’t believe I haven’t gone there yet! It’s like 5 minutes from where I work! And look at the cuteness!


So cute!

Slightly disturbing yet cute!

And can you just STOP already with the cute?!?

Seriously. My TEETH hurt.

Pregnant Paper Dolls

OK, I’ll happily admit to having had a paper doll fetish for FAR longer than was developmentally appropriate, but who can resist these?

There’s a separate doll for each trimester, and even a post-partum doll with an accessory baby. I especially love how the doll’s face changes as she gets bigger and bigger and has to wear less and less cute fashion. Awesome. (via Babygadget)

Why is Scandinavian baby stuff so damned cute and expensive?

We’re house hunting – have I mentioned that here? We figured that what with Hoss coming and our apartment being increasingly small even for the two of us, to say nothing of a young hatchling, it was about time for us to get a more permanent location. We’ve both wanted a house for a while, but our financial situation hasn’t been so great (bad credit scores from living off credit cards in grad school) and the housing market where we live has gone kind of insane over the last 5 years. We’re finally in a position where buying is a possibility, but not exactly a pure pleasure. Compromise is the word of the day: We can either live closer to where we work, OR we can live in a nice neighborhood. We can either have a bigger house, OR we can have a house that doesn’t need any work done on it. You know the drill. We’re both pretty handy people, so we’re OK with doing cosmetic work on a house, and we were mentally prepared to make certain sacrifices, but still it’s been hard to find the right place. Is it worth it to have a nice house if it means doubling or tripling Mr. Squab’s commute time? Is it worth it to have a short commute if we’re living in a sketchy neighborhood? Tough questions, particularly considering that I’m planning on going back to work only part time after Hoss arrives.

All this is by way of explaining why, when I’m browsing my favorite baby product sites, I’m naturally drawn to the absolutely most fricking expensive products out there. This is the case particularly when the prices aren’t posted on the initial page. Part of the problem is that both Mr. Squab and I are persnickety about design. I mean, I know most baby-related stuff is primarily functional, but does it have to be so damn ugly? Have you ever looked at the baby section of Target? The clothes are all pretty cute, sure, but most of the strollers and cribs and playpens are U.G.L.Y. They don’t have no alibi! (that was for you, Ali). They’re bulky and clunky looking and most of them are decorated in hideous baby-themed colors and patterns. Me no likey. What I do like is Scandinavian baby stuff. I dunno if its the fjords or what, but those Scandihoovians just understand how to design shit, you know? And baby stuff is no exception. Compare and contrast:

Ugly-ass American stroller:

Chic and sporty Scandinavian (ok, Dutch) stroller:

Ugly-ass American high-chair:

Super sweet Scandinavian high-chair:

So you can see what I mean. Unfortunately, the chic kid’s stuff costs on average about twelvety billion times more than the ugly stuff. (For example, that cool looking stroller runs about $895 a pop. Which I could maybe see if I were planning on having 9 children or something, but otherwise, um … no.) Of course the baby sites are all filled with comments from yuppie ├╝ber-parents raving about how the cost is so totally worth it, the products are so much better, last forever, make your kid smarter, ensure their entrance into Vassar, etc. All of which I’m sure is true, only like I said, we’re still trying to figure out how to afford a house in a neighborhood where the crack dealers are at least somewhat covert in their activities. So we’ll look for cheaper American knock-offs of Scandinavian design, and see what Ikea has to offer, and the kid won’t even know the difference. But man, when I win the lottery … Ima get me some NICE. BABY. STUFF.

Ooooh … pretty.

This was my Xmas present from Mr. Squab:

I’m blogging from it now. Isn’t it pretty? It’s an insanely extravagant present, which just shows you how well Mr. Squab knows me. And I lovey-love-love-McLoverton it; I’ve already spent hours playing with iPhoto, sorting and importing into iTunes, transferring documents from my old crummy PC laptop, etc. Damn, I love organizing my electronic files. And what with Mr. Squab being something of a techie, it’s all loaded up with awesome software and extra memory and RAM and stuff. So now I guess there’s really NO excuse for not getting some writing done.

Behold the throne of Hoss

My mother, who is entirely too generous, bought us a bee-yoo-tiful rocking chair for the Hossmeister the last time she was here for a visit. It got delivered a few days ago, and here it is in all its glory:

I know – it doesn’t look like a rocking chair, but that’s what’s so nice about it. It’s like an easy chair on rockers. As you can see, we’ve covered it with a throw to protect it from cat hair, and the teddy bear sitting on it is also courtesy of my mother. I aniticipate many late night hours spent in this chair, so I’m forever grateful to have one that will support my ass in the manner to which it has become accustomed. Thanks, Mom!