Want. Waaaaaaaaaant!

This morning my friend Lori sent me the link to Celebrity Babies, because she knows I am a WHORE for celebrity gossip, and will spend endless hours pleasurably engaged in reviewing picures of Britney-spawn or pondering the likelihood of a Brangelina baby in the offing. But what really cranked my engine was the links to all these cool baby-merchandise sites. Yes, I am one of those women. Even before getting knocked up, I loved looking at baby stuff. It’s just so … small. And so … CUTE. It begs you not so much to buy it, as to take it home and shelter it from all the bigger clothes and shoes and accessories out there. It’s a service you’re performing, for god’s sake. So all afternoon, between trying to look vaguely productive to earn my pay, I’ve been experiencing severe cuteness overload looking at pictures of impossibly adorable baby things. I mean, my god, look at this:

or this:

how cute would a small hatchling look wearing one of these?

and don’t you think this pillow and blanket would ensure good dreams?

So the cute, it’s reaching insulin-dependent levels. How many baby showers is it legal for one couple to have?

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