Desperately seeking a good night’s sleep

… which, yeah, I know I won’t be getting until, say, the year 2020. But still.

I’m freakishly tired today and have a ton of things I’m trying to get done, so not so much with the posting. BUT:

Ampersand has a really really interesting post on weight-loss dieting today. He’s collected a lot of research and offers a compelling case that dieting to lose weight is a no-win move nearly all of the time. Definitely worth checking out.

And, if you feel like getting riled up, Ancarett links to another pseudo-intellectual (this time, sadly, a woman) ragging on feminism. Did you know, for example, that feminism has killed sisterhood? And eradicated female altruism? Yah. Neither did I, because it’s a load of hooey. Ancarett does a good job of taking the author down.

Now if I could just find a mattress that would fit under my cubicle …

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