Ummmm … No.

This has to be one of the weirdest bakery concepts I’ve come across:

Yes, you’re seeing correctly: those are, in fact, sonogram cookies. From the ad copy:

“This is the ultimate way to personalize a cookie: you simply send us a picture and we’ll print it on edible paper with edible ink to create your own truly personalized gift! These delectable white chocolate enrobed graham crackers are sprinkled with edible confetti or non-parielles [sic] to frame your delightfully delicious picture.”

Hmmm … “delightfully delicious” isn’t quite the way I’d describe most sonogram pictures. “Vaguely alien,” maybe, or “Is that a tail?” And I’m not sure what message it sends to actually, you know, EAT a picture of your fetus. But hey! Takes all kinds, right? Do you suppose the red sprinkles represent the amniotic sac?

(via DaddyTypes)

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