Labor Day Jaunt

One of the best things about living in Minneapolis is the park system. Minneapolis has more lakes in the Metro area than probably any other big city in the US, and the parks system takes full advantage of them. Instead of letting developers plunk McMansions down along the shorelines, all the bigger lakes are open to the public, most with beautiful parks or gardens alongside. With the exception of Lake Harriet, which I used to live right by, I never took much time to explore the lakes before the arrival of the Hatchling. But having a baby is a wonderful excuse to get out of the house and go on a walk, and some of my best memories of these first months are the weekly walks we take around various lakes with my friend P and her baby. I love getting to know the city better, the lakes are beautiful, and it’s great to get out and stretch my legs with the young ‘un.

The only downside is that Mr. Squab almost never gets to go along. During the week he’s at work, and on weekends we’re either travelling somewhere, or we have projects planned, or it’s raining. Yesterday, though, the wee one was being fractious and couldn’t settle down, so we decided to head out to Lake Nokomis for a stroll. It was a gorgeous day, there was a nice breeze coming off the lake, and everyone was out. The Hatchling had a great time people-watching, and got to wiggle her little bare toes in the grass. It was just a short outing, but it was one of those days that you remember for a long time. Hope your Labor Day was equally pleasant!

Daddy and Daughter by Lake Nokomis

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