Mommy memories

Happy Mother’s Day!

On this, my first mother’s day as an actual mom, I must say I have new-found appreciation for the meaning of the day. So this mother’s day, I thought I’d share some of my best mommy memories. These are the things I’ll try to live up to as a mom myself.

1. Singing us German lullabies at bedtime, and teaching us how to sing them, too.

2. Reading aloud to us, endlessly, until your voice was tired.

3. Making us homemade paper dolls, designed to order.

4. Inventing all manner of car games for road trips, including teaching us a million different rounds.

5. Always making our birthday cakes from scratch, complete with roses, scrollwork and crazy-good decorations.

6. Taking us to opera, ballet, orchestra and theatre performances and getting us hooked before we knew it wasn’t “cool.”

7. Being the most enthusiastic audience member for every recital, pageant, spelling bee, presentation, or “A” paper.

8. Encouraging us to pursue our ambitions and strike out on our own.

9. Keeping an open house for us and all our friends whenever we needed a refuge.

10. Making sure we know you love us, no matter what.

What are your favorite mommy memories?

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