My weekend is full of ARRRGH

The Hatchling and I both have horrible colds. The Hatchling came down with hers last Sunday, and I started feeling bluggy on Thursday night, and we’re both in pretty pitiful shape. A lot of hacking, wheezing, endless blowing of noses – you get the picture. But here’s what sucks extra about having a cold in the third trimester: THERE IS NO WAY TO SLEEP. If I lie down in a way that’s comfortable for being a junior whale, I can’t breathe. If I lie down in a way that I can breathe, my back hurts so much that it wakes me up. If I go semi-recumbent with a ton of pillows, I can breathe and my back is OK, but I get raging heartburn. I CANNOT WIN. I got up at 4 am this morning because I just could not take it, so I was exhausted and cranky all day, which is just delightful for everyone, especially the equally sick and cranky toddler in my care. And then there’s the thing where I’m pumping all the fluids I can get into my system, which when combined with my increasingly tiny bladder basically means that I’m either actually peeing or feeling like I need to pee all. The. Time. Who the hell is in charge of this stuff? Why do they hate me? When will I get a sense of perspective and quit whining about the small stuff? Only time will tell.

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