… or not.

Well, the Prevacid honeymoon was a brief one. The Hatchling’s reflux does seem to be better, but the fussiness reigns on unabated. Yesterday was the worst – the only place she’ll sleep during the day is on me, after nursing, and the only time she isn’t fussy is when she’s either nursing or sleeping. Around 5:00 her truly fussy time begins (just in time for Daddy coming home!), and last night this was punctuated with some truly impressive screaming. She’s beyond gassy, and still kind of constipated, and just generally seems like she’s in pain, pain, pain. Sometimes she still seems hungry after nursing, but offer her a bottle and she becomes absolutely ENRAGED. By the time we finally do get her to go down in her crib, my nerves are so shot that I wake up every hour, on the hour, in anticipation of hearing her start to fuss again. She sleeps for four hours, I sleep for maybe a total of two. Good times, people. Good. Times. It would seem that we may have gotten that glorious blessing, a colicky baby. We’re taking her into the doctor’s office this afternoon, just to rule out any other problems, but this may just be something we have to ride out. Which would totally suck, and why the hell haven’t they figured out this colicky thing by now, anyway? I mean, what’s with the resigned attitude? Like, if it’s colic, the clear indications of pain on the baby’s part somehow don’t count? WTF?

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