Here’s what I like:

Prevacid and responsive pediatricians. We called the doctor yesterday and described the Hatchling’s symptoms, namely: cranky, smacking her mouth all the time, cranky, writhing as if in pain and did I mention motherfucking CRANKY? She’s had a bit of reflux ever since she was born, but the doctor said 6 weeks is often when it gets bad in a lot of babies, so he called in a prescription for Prevacid and Mr. Squab brought it home after work. The effect was instantaneous. She was very interested in the grape-flavor of the medicine, took it down like a pro, and oh! she feels so much better. As a sufferer of reflux my ownself, I knew exactly how rotten she was feeling and it sucked not to be able to fix it. Now she can lie down without getting heartburn, which makes it so much easier to be cuddled or to play or – most importantly – to sleep! To wit: she slept for five hours at a go last night. I mean, holy crap! Now if I can just get to the point where *I* can sleep for five hours when she does, we’ll be golden.

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