Semantic Tally

The Hatchling must’ve recently cleared some developmental hurdle, because for the last 3-4 days she’s been coming out with at least one new word per day. Also she’s reverted back to the sunny, happy, chatty baby we’d come to know and love, which is a nice change from the Cranktastic Wonder of the last month or so. Anyway, I know this is kind of boring as a post, but one of the reasons for this blog is keeping track of baby milestones, so here’s a list of what the Hatchling can say as of today:

Mama, Dada, Wawa (Laura, her aunt), Fi (Fiona, her best friend – new today!) kitty, yeah, no, OK, car, go, slide, cereal, bottle, ball, baby, please, cookie, bye, night-night, hi, wow/wowie, peas, stop, beep-beep

She can also make animal noises for: kitty (“mao! mao!”), cow (“mmMMMMMoo”), snake (“ssss”), angry sheep (“BAAAAAAAH”), and, with prompting, a bear (“grr-grrr”)

So: she finally has more words than she is months old. WHOO!

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