Angels and Demons

Yesterday, the Hatchling took a glorious three hour nap in the afternoon, on top of a 70 minute nap in the morning. Rather than enjoying this unprecedented event, my inner demon came out and started bitching about how it would just be nice if I knew in advance that she was going to sleep that long so I could actually get something done instead of bolting down my lunch and frantically reading magazine articles while watching the clock in the anticipation of hearing wails over the nursery monitor at any minute. But then my inner angel rose up and smited the crap out of my inner demon with her fiery sword, saying “You stupid git! You just had three hours of child-free time! You’re looking so far into the gift horse’s mouth you’re about to come out its ass!”

This, of course, was the correct point of view. Which has been brought home to me vividly today, as the Hatchling is on a nap strike and will not stay down for longer than 20 minutes, after which she gets up and is totally pissed off that I got her out of her crib when she’s still so damn tired!!

This parenting shit is not for the faint of heart, I tell you what.

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