Christmas Countdown

We’re in the final stretch, y’all. Less than a week until Santa-day. Are you ready? Because I AM NOT. I’m trying to adopt a Zen attitude about it, but it’s not working very well. Probably because it’s a Judeo-Christian holiday, and what goes better with that than a healthy sense of guilt and general overwhelmedness? I have some packages that MUST get mailed today (and I shudder to think how much I’m going to have to pay to ship them), and then it’s on to more assembling, grocery shopping, baking, and cleaning. And I mean, sure, yes, the world would still turn happily on its axis even if I didn’t make five varieties of cookies plus peanut brittle, but who would be satisfied with THAT? Only someone with a much healthier outlook on the world in general, that’s who.

How are you all out in Squabland? Everyone ready for the festivities (if you’re celebrating them)?

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