Finding Morpheus

So I get these weekly bulletins from with information about my baby’s development, links to articles, and of course ads for baby products. In this week’s bulletin (for 2 months and 4 weeks), it noted: “some babies may be awake as much as 10 hours a day!”

HA HAHAHAHAHA! Stop, you’re killing me. No, really, I mean it! 10 hours. Hell, we’re lucky if we can get the Hatchling to sleep for 10 hours a day. I’ve been tracking her sleep patterns for the last week, just to try and get a better sense of her habits, if any. Kids her age are supposed to sleep for about 15 hours in any given 24 hour period, most of which should occur at night. The Hatchling does get most of her sleep at night; the problem is it’s only about 7-8 hours a night. And then her napping is typically 45 minutes here, 1/2 hour there. It’s just plain not enough, and I honestly don’t know what to do at this point to help her sleep more. She’s too young for sleep training (which, thank god, we can start in another month), and we’ve done all the stuff about always having her sleep in her crib, darkening the room, adding white noise, have a regular routine before sleeping, etc., etc. None of it seems to get her to sleep enough. Result: overtired and cranky. The baby, too. Any suggestions for making it through the next month?

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