For the record

1) The moving? And unpacking? In the third trimester? Yeah. Probably wouldn’t do that again.

2) You can read all you want to about the sensation of your ligaments loosening up in readiness for the labor process, but until you actually experience it you have no idea how goddamn uncomfortable it is. Seriously. It takes me a good minute and a half to even be able to WALK after I’ve been sitting down for a while. And I don’t mean walking like a normal person. I mean walking like a disabled penguin. A disabled, retarded penguin.

3) Hoss enjoys: Chinese food (mmm, kung pao chicken), Indian food (mmmm … palak paneer), Italian food (mmm … Fat Lorenzo’s hot meatball hoagie), and virtually any form of cereal, hot or cold. Hoss does NOT enjoy: chocolate milk (wtf, kid?), Power Bars, anything that tastes too fleshy, or anything from Don Pablo’s (because, dude: all your clothes smell like BO after you leave that place. Blech.)

4) Two things that are making me happy this week: Our new dishwasher (oh, sweet jeebus do I love having a dishwasher – it’s been almost 4 years!), and 600 count pure cotton sheets. God, they’re soft. (It should be noted that I owe my enjoyment of both items to my stepmom, who, I need hardly add, rocks.)

5) So, the Project Runway finale is tonight. Who do you think will win? I was thinking Daniel, but now I’m all like, it could be Santino. Not sure how I feel about that.

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