Friday Video Blogging

It’s been a looooong week. The Hatchling got several shots last week at her 15 month checkup, and they warned us that she might have a reaction anywhere from a week to three weeks after the fact (I guess the delayed reaction time is common with the chicken pox vaccine). Sure enough, on Wednesday the Hatchling woke up at around 4 in the morning with a high temp, and was basically miserable all day Wednesday and Thursday. No appetite, no sleep no feel good. Add to that my having insomnia both nights, and we were a cranky, cranky household. But. Last night she slept like a dream, I slept like a kind of normal person, and everyone felt much better this morning. Plus, it’s the weekend! And it’s supposed to be nice weather! Calloo, callay!

So anyway. Here’s the Hatchling’s video recommendation of the week. I was so psyched to find this one again:

And here’s my recommendation. I effing LOVED this when I was watching Sesame Street, and it turns out I’m in good company, as it was apparently a big influence on The Bad Plus. Yeah, I’m cool:

Have a great weekend!

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