Guilty Pleasures Blogging

Found at Brazen Hussy’s place. Share yours in comments!

Four Guilty Pleasures in Reading
1. Nora Roberts novels. Oh, the smut.
2. Magazines of no redeeming value whatsoever, like Cosmo and People.
3. Asterix and Obelix comics.
4. Anything by Judith Kranz.

Four Guilty Pleasures in Movies
1. Dirty Dancing
2. Sixteen Candles/Breakfast Club/Pretty in Pink (c’mon, those all count as one, right?)
3. Any of the Lethal Weapon movies
4. Meatballs, dammit.

Four Guilty Pleasures in Food
1. Grocery store sheetcake, with the really awful/good frosting.
2. Extra crispy KFC.
3. Krispy Kremes.
4. Cheese grits.

Four Guilty Pleasures in Music
1. Britney Spears.
2. Billy Joel.
3. Bon Jovi. For real, I go NUTS for “Dead or Alive.” Fuckin’ right on.
4. Air Supply, baby. Ahhhh, yeah.

Four Guilty Pleasures in TV
1. Anything on BBC America
2. Anything on HGTV
3. Home Cooking with Paula Deen on the Food Network
4. Desperate Housewives. (I don’t even watch it that often, but when I do I feel guilty.)

Four Guilty Pleasures in Booze
1. Sangria.
2. Tequila shooters.
3. Pina coladas with kaluha added. I know it sounds gross, but it’s good!
4. Wussy drinks, like peach daquiris or tequila sunrises.

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