So, the fussiness? That resulted in the haikus? Did I mention that it was constipation-related? Yeah. All the medical folks we talked to before the baby came were adamant that iron-fortified formula didn’t contribute to constipation, but color this mama skeptical. The Hatchling has been pretty irregular all along, but the last week has been especially tough – and as of last night, she hadn’t … er … relieved herself … since Sunday. That’s 2 1/2 days! That’s a long time! We finally called the nurse line to see just how worried we should be, and they said to give her 1 tsp karo syrup and call the pediatrician. (Karo! Who knew?) So we added some to her formula last night (and boy, did she ever like that. She definitely has her parents’ sweet tooth. Sweet teeth?), and lo and behold, this morning: there was poop. Oh, so much poop. And believe me, I never thought I could be that happy to see someone taking a crap. But wouldn’t you be happy, too, if this was the result?

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