I know. I’m a slacker.

Some weeks just escape me, man. But here are a couple of Hatchling tidbits:

1. Like most parents, we’re trying to emphasize politeness with the Hatchling. She’s been saying “please” for a few months now (she says “peeez!” or sometimes “peeez, yeah!”), but we’ve been having a harder time with “thank you.” Part of this is no doubt that it’s a harder thing to say, but she’s also seemed sort of uninterested in the concept in general. I mean, after “please” she gets what she wants, so why would she say anything else? What is she, stupid? But lately she is the QUEEN of thank you. Pretty much any time I hand her anything, or any time she hands me anything, I get a “nak kewww,” mostly unprompted. If she’s really gratitudinous, she might repeat herself and do a little skippy dance at the same time. I gotta try and catch it on video, because it’s pretty cute.

2. Just this evening, the Hatchling added a brand new word to the inventory: “crazy.” Which she uses in the manner of “crazy-cool” or “wild” or “totally awesome.” She was already saying “wow, cool” when, for example, she gets a present, but now she REALLY sounds like a little surfer. She was playing with her wooden blocks this evening and every time she stacked one on top of the other, she’d say “wah, kewl” or “kazeee” to herself. She stretches out the syllables, like she’s just had a really good bong hit. Next week I’m teaching her how to say “dude.”

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