In exile

So since Tuesday night I’ve been up in the wilds of central Minnesota, house- and cat-sitting for my parents while they’re at a conference in Pasadena (lucky stiffs). And, oh yeah, trying to get some larger quantities of writing done. It’s sooooo quiet here, y’all. Partly because I’m out in the country, and partly because, you know: no toddler or husband around. I really miss them, more than I thought I would. The last time I was away, for my girls’ weekend at the cabin, I missed them, but not, like, crazy missed them. But my parents have all these pictures of the Hatchling all over and god DAMMIT, she’s so cute! Not to mention that even on her worst day, she’s waaaaaaaaaay more fun that writing my dissertation. Sigh. I’m trying to use the loneliness as incentive to crank stuff out. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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