Ironic, or just sucky?

So Mr. Squab just started a new job at a new design firm (he’s a graphic designer). The main reason he left his old firm, where he had a lot of fabulous coworkers, was that they consistently proved themselves unable to pay him adequately for the work they gave him to do. After almost five years, neither his professional pride nor our ever-dwindling bank account could take it, so he moved to this new firm, who’s paying him about 20% more for the exact same position. The ironic/sucky part is that while the switch was made primarily for financial reasons, the timing of the move and the weirdness of payroll conventions means that we’re extremely short of funds, in this, the giving season. Have I mentioned that there are 6 birthdays in my immediate family at the end of November and begining of December, in addition to the holidays? Maybe Mr. Squab can design some really nice looking IOUs. Oy.

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