Primary Decisions

Well. This may just have solidified my decision as to whom I’ll vote for in the upcoming primaries. (I admit I was leaning in that direction, anyway.) Check it:

Manchester, NH – Today, Senator John Edwards outlined his bold policies for a more family-friendly America with universal paid family and medical leave, universal pre-kindergarten for four-year-olds, more affordable care for other children and job benefits for independent workers. Among the most significant policy proposals of the Edwards plan is for at least eight weeks of paid family and medical leave that will help American workers balance their jobs and their families.

If you can stand the PR-speak, check out the whole press release. Universal paid leave and Pre-K + subsidized childcare = music to my ears. And should be music to everyone’s ears, of course, since those little rugrats will one day be deciding how nice your nursing home care is. Among other things. I’m not super confident that Edwards will get the nod, but policies like this make it pretty easy for me to give him my vote.

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