I got me some tag.

5 things found in your bag:
1. Hand lotion
2. Skip Hop diaper thingy
3. Random earrings
4. Fruit leather and raisins for the Hatchling
5. Sigg water bottle

5 favorite things in your room:
1. Funky 70s-era chrome mobile
2. Ikea gingko-patterned duvet
3. Walk-in closet
4. Big painting of violets done by an artist friend
5. My sweet, sweet, cherry sleigh bed

5 things you have always wanted to do:
1. Win the lottery.
2. Run my own theatre (company and building).
3. Be an expert at something physical: dance, yoga, Tai Chi, something like that.
4. Go to New Zealand.
5. Learn Welsh.

5 things you are currently into:
1. Gardening/Landscaping
2. Blogging (duh)
3. Procrastinating on my dissertation
4. Long romantic moonlit walks on the beach … er, wait. Wrong list.
5. Playdates with cute toddlers

5 people you’d like to tag:
1. Eric with a C
2. Shanny
3. Mom and Kiddo
4. Amy
5. Ali

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