Random Tidbits on a Tuesday

1. My hair is driving me crazy. It’s at that in-between stage where it’s not long enough to really do anything with but it’s too long to leave alone. I have to decide if I want to leave it for another month, at which point it will be long enough to put up or back, or chop it all off. I’m leaning towards the CHOP.

2. The Hatchling has two new words that I find extremely cute. #1: for hummus (one of her all-time favorite foods) she says “hummy” which is an excellent combination of hummus and yummy, if you ask me. #2: All wheeled, pedaled, manually (pedually?) propelled vehicles are now known as “whysicles.” This kills me every time she says it.

3. The other evening, during “nakey time,” the Hatchling took a crap on the stairs, stood over it asking “whassat?” until I came in from the kitchen and called her father’s attention to the fact, and then did a little poop-butted dance around the entryway while Mr. Squab and I scrambled for wipesfortheloveofgodWIPES. Her complete equanimity in the face of (butt of?) her own excrement makes me think that maybe she’s not quite ready for the toilet training.

4. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am now the sheepish owner of a Facebook account. I believe this officially makes me a tool. (But it’s waaaaaaay better than MySpace and the scrabble application makes it all worth while! I tell myself.)

5. This weekend we had a two hour photo session with Katy to capture the Hatchling’s two-ness. This pretty much sums up the Hatchling’s attitude towards the proceedings. Fortunately, Katy is so good that I know we’ll get amazing shots anyway.

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