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The Final Countdown: T minus 2 days

1. The headcold rages unabated. In retrospect, purchasing stock in Kleenex about three months ago would have been a good move.

2. To be honest, if anyone said the phrase “the power of positive thinking” to me right now I would probably kick them in the nards, but there *are* some things making me happy right now, namely:
a) my new spring purse, courtesy Questionable. (The one on the left.) It is so springy and stripy. It defies the weather.
b) It’s supposed to be almost SIXTY degrees on Monday! Sure, I’ll be drugged up and in the hospital the whole day, but still!
c) Tonight, the Hatchling, after commanding her father to sit next to her on the sofa, sidled up to him, batted her eyelashes and said “Hey, baby.”

3. I think I might be having the occasional contraction, mostly in the evenings the last three days. I say “I think” because I don’t actually know what normal contractions or Braxton Hicks feel like. When the Hatchling was born, I had nothing in the way of contractions until I was induced, and lemme tell ya, Pitocin-contractions are undeniable. You KNOW you are having one of those. And then you KNOW you are getting an epidural. But this – it just feels kind of like a tightening, sometimes verging on crampy, not lasting or regular, just sort of unsettling and a pain in the ass. Or thereabouts. Thoughts from readers who’ve done this the natural way before? I go in for a regular monitoring appointment tomorrow so I’m sure they’ll pick up on it if anything is going on.

Two Things

Item one – Conversation between me and the Hatchling this afternoon, as she’s running around with her superhero “cape” on (a big silk scarf she ties around her neck):

Hatchling: I superhewwo!

Me: You are a superhero.

Hatchling: Fwy weawwy fast.

Me: You sure are flying fast. Go, go, go!

Hatchling (stopping and looking right at me): I BATMAN.

Me: You’re Batman?!

Hatchling: Yeah, dat’s wight. I BATMAN!!!!

Her father is so proud.

Item Two – I’ve been scanning in some old family photos just so I have them digitally, and I came across this one of me and my parents circa 1972. I’m not normally at a loss for words, but … wow. Kind of explains a lot, doesn’t it?

Friday Video Blogging

TGIF, y’all. In honor of the weekend, here’s a little Hatchling video of a game she and her BFF invented Wednesday at playgroup. It’s SO TOTALLY HILARIOUS … if you’re almost three. But it’s pretty funny even if you’re older.

The Kissing Game from Squab on Vimeo.

Shake it

Mr. Squab’s mom was in town briefly this week, and the Hatchling always likes to provide guests with the latest in toddler entertainment. Here’s a little sample of the show she put on. Yeah, the lighting is crappy, but you CANNOT DENY THE MOVES.

Dancing Ellie, February 2009 from Elise Robinson on Vimeo.

The Natural

Today we had our regular Wednesday playgroup with a group of moms and kids that we enjoy hanging out with. This week, for whatever reason, the Hatchling was the only girl for the first half of the group – it was just her and four other little boys. At this age, the whole gender thing doesn’t make much of a difference when they’re playing (thank goodness) but today all the little boys seemed to have spring fever or something and there was a lot of bickering and fighting going on. When we went into the dining room for snack time, there was only enough room at the little kid’s table for three; the three oldest boys took those seats, the baby sat with his mother, and the Hatchling chose to sit at the big table with the Mamas. It wasn’t long before a major quarrel erupted at the kids’ table (someone’s plate was touching someone else’s, if you can believe it) and the recriminations started to get a little deafening. The relevant moms wearily moved to intervene, but before any of them could reach the table, the Hatchling got down from her chair, went over to the boys and in a loud, authoritative voice said “HEY! Hey, guys! What’s goin’ on?” She put her hand on the back of one of the boys and started to babble something that we couldn’t totally understand, but was clearly intended to mediate between the squabblers. (It sounded kind of like “ashabba boogaba dashalso FOOD baggabagaa YOU PLAY.”) The boys sort of stopped, and the Hatchling calmly returned to her seat and resumed snacking. We parental units were having a fit of the giggles. She did it again when another fight broke out, and then sat back down at the table with a distinctly smug look on her face. I have never seen her do anything like that before, but I tell you what, she handled it like a pro. Her future sister is screwed.

Well, it *is* one of his favorite topics …

Yesterday the Hatchling was playing “phone” with the TV remote up to one ear and the telephone up to the other ear. The conversation was … interesting:

Hatchling: Oh, hi, Daddy! Yeah, yeah, ok-ok-ok. Vewwy good, vewwy good. Oh, I fine, I fiiiiiiiine, how YOU? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, Daddy. Oh? Oh, no. Ohhhhh, nooooo, pooooop. Dat’s gwoss, Daddy. Oh, yucky poops. Vewwy yucky poops, Daddy.

Me: Are you talking to Daddy about your poop?!?

Hatchling: Dat’s right, Mama! Vewwy good!

So, to sum up: potty training? No way, no how. Extended one-way imaginary conversations about excrement? Absolutely.

One of us needs a strong drink.

The Hatchling got up FIVE TIMES last night. And then I had to get up at 6am to go get my semi-weekly ultrasound and monitoring. Leaving me with about 2 hours of sleep, total.

Mama is TIRED.

Reticence is not her problem

Yesterday the Hatchling and I went to tour a possible preschool for her for fall (because, yes, you have to start at LEAST this far in advance if you want to get your choice, which is kind of giving me hives. Not to mention figuring out how we’ll pay for it, which is also giving me hives.) It was a great place, very welcoming and kid-friendly, a really nice director, great activities, etc. – I hope we can swing it, because the Hatchling would just thrive on it and it might keep me from losing my mind. Anyhoo. We we touring with another mom and little girl and let me tell you, they were a study in contrasts. The other girl, Grace, was very nice and friendly, but she also was perfectly happy to stay close to her mommy for the duration of the tour, a concept which the Hatchling completely fails to grasp. From the Hatchling’s perspective, this was clearly a place designed with her in mind, so why would she have any qualms about, you know, just joining in? She wouldn’t! We visited one classroom where they were having story time, and I whispered to the Hatchling that she had to be very quiet in this room, because other kids were listening to the story. Riiiiiiiight. She marched right up to the back of the group, sat down on the mat next to the nearest kid, and in her usual enthusiastic voice, said, “Hi, kids! What’s goin’ on?” I went over to try and shush her, and the little kid sitting next to her asked the teacher “Why are there some kids in here who don’t belong?”

I got her out of there without too much further disruption, and in the next room we visited, they were having open playtime, with lots of different stations for the kids to choose from. It was nicely chaotic and I imagine most normal children would have opted for Grace’s strategy of watching the action safely by her mother’s side. I, however, do not have a normal kid. The Hatchling zipped right into the middle of the room where a teacher was preparing some craft supplies, took the cup of glue and paintbrush out of the teacher’s hands, and started making her own collage. She was perfectly polite about it, she just wasn’t at all shy. The teacher looked up at me and said “she seems to be right at home!” and indeed, she did. It didn’t make for the most, uh, relaxing tour of the facilities, and I think Grace was appalled, but I guess it was good to see that the Hatchling would fit right in. I’m glad that she’s so outgoing – makes it easier to make friends – but I don’t know whether to be hopeful or fearful of the inevitable time(s) her friendly overtures are rejected. I don’t want her to steamroller over the other kids, but I know her little heart will be broken if someone doesn’t want to make friends with her. Sigh.

Fa la la la la, la la la la

This is the first year the Hatchling is old enough to want to help with the Christmas decorations. We finally got the tree up this weekend, and she was very “helpful” with the ornaments (or as she likes to call them, the “wondaful decowations”). Sure, she wanted to hang all of them off the same small branch, but at least she did manage to actually hang some all by herself!

Decorating the Christmas Tree, 2008 from Squab on Vimeo.

Photo Dump

Just uploaded a whole lotta pix, and thought I’d share some of the best. Happy Monday.

Here’s the red velvet cake. It’s not bakery-shop pretty, but you’d eat it, right?
Red Velvet Birthday Cake

Here’s what it looked like on the inside. I shall be blogging the recipe later.
Red velvet cake, devoured

I’ve been waiting a LOOOOOOONG time for the Hatchling to have enough hair for this:

Of course, she looks pretty cute with it down, too.
The little ballerina advances

I feel like this should totally be the cover for a toddler alt-folk album or something.
Girls with hats