Two steps forward, one step back

The Hatchling appears to be MUCH better today. She hasn’t puked once, and she’s kept down several varieties of liquid and even some apple-banana cereal. Thank the sweet lord, because yesterday she was really so pathetic I almost couldn’t take it. Of course, the doctor warned us that she may have a few ups and downs before this virus works itself out of her system, but at least she’s getting (and keeping) some nourishment today.

Mr. Squab, on the other hand, isn’t feeling so fine. After having to call me home early from rehearsal last night because the Hatchling just would not stop crying (of course she calmed down about a minute before I walked in the door, the little bugger), Mr. Squab woke up this morning with a serious case of gut-rot. He actually called in sick to work, an occurence that has happened maybe once before in the 8 years that we’ve been together, and has been lying on his recliner, covered in blankets, watching reruns of Law and Order all day. Poor thing.

Of course you realize this means I’m probably next. Anyone know any protective incantations I should be doing? Deities I should be sacrificing to? I canNOT afford to get sick right now.

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