Out here on our own

So. Today was Mr. Squab’s first day back at work, leaving me and the hatchling on our own for the day. Navigating the evening feeding schedule – well, I say “schedule” but that implies a level of order that’s completely nonexistent at this point – is now more complex since only one of us will have the opportunity for catching up on sleep with naps during the day. We’re trying to figure out how to arrange it so I don’t feel like I’m doing all the work in the middle of the night, but Mr. Squab gets enough sleep that he’s able to operate heavy machinery (read: the car) in the morning. Of course, since it’s now 2:45 and this is the first time the Hatchling has gone to sleep long enough for me to do anything but make myself a cup of coffee (that’s make the cup of coffee, not actually drink it), the sleep-deprivation issue may be a wash. Nonetheless, I know *I’d* hate to have to go to work all day on 3 hours of interrupted sleep, so it would be nice if we could spell each other during the night enough that Mr. Squab could get a little more rest. But, good progressive daddy that he is, Mr. Squab also doesn’t want to shirk his share of the middle-of-the-night duties. Such are the navigations of new parenthood. Perhaps once the Hatchling gets her days and nights sorted out a little better it will be easier. Any other parents out there want to chime in on how you sorted sleep requirements between the working and stay-at-home parent? Anything we should be considering?

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