Random Tidbits

1. My normally awesome-sleeping daughter is currently up in her darkened, white-noised room yelling “I can’ SEEEP, Mama!” and “Jump! Jump-a-me!” and “Oh, sooooo nice” at random intervals, and has been doing so for the last, oh, twenty minutes or so. She’s not crying, just fussing, so I haven’t gotten her up … because holy CRAP will she be crab-tastic if she doesn’t have a nap. But I hope she gives in and goes to sleep soon.

2. I finally succumbed and joined Twitter.

3. This looks pretty damn yummy and awesome, though I admit the chest hair freaks me out a little.

4. WHY won’t Apple let you pre-order the iPhone? Why??!?!

5. Now she’s yelling “OPEY DOY! [open door] YAY! YAY! YAY! OPEY DOY, MAMA!” Is it possible that Target’s vanilla yogurt has caffeine in it? Or meth? Grrrrrrr.

6. I don’t understand how we can pay a premium for the extra-geeky-fast DSL, and it STILL hates me at certain times of day. I have *no* signal right now. WHAT UP, QWEST?

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