Random Tidbits + Friday Videos

1. The Hatchling loves her crib so much it’s not even funny. During the day, when she wakes up from her naps, her favorite thing to do is stay in her crib after I’ve turned on the lights and writhe around with her blanket and a few board books while I watch her and talk to her from the rocking chair. I can’t really argue with her. It’s a soft, cushy, safe space; she can bounce and wriggle and flop to her heart’s content all with a captive (doting) audience. Who WOULDN’T like that?

2. IKEA is teh awesome. I know this isn’t exactly breaking news, but I just thought I’d reiterate. The Hatchling’s hand-me-down highchair gasped its final gasp this week, so we made an IKEA run for a cheapo replacement. We parked in the family-friendly parking space (close to the doors!), ate at the family-friendly cafeteria (cheap kids meals! free bibs! a kids’ play area!), and then went to pick up our $25-yet-still-kind-of-cool-looking high chair. Then we came home and the Hatchling “helped” me put the chair together by carrying the legs to different secret locations all over the first floor of the house. Good times.

3. For much of the summer, the Hatchling has been sleeping until 8:30-9 in the morning, a welcome change from her previous 7:00 am waking time. But this morning she really outdid herself. We put her to bed early last night, around 7:00 pm, and I woke from a bad dream at 10:23 this morning and she was STILL ASLEEP. TEN TWENTY-THREE! And she would’ve slept longer, but I was freaked out that she was dead and so I went in and woke her up. She seemed fine; her usual cheerful, busy self. But Jesus – that’s 15 1/2 hours of solid sleep! Plus, I just put her down for a nap! I can’t decide if I should worry that she’s got some bizarre form of narcolepsy or just shut my yap and thank my lucky stars for having such a good sleeper. Thoughts?

4. Here’s the video recommendation of the week. Blow, baby, blow!

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