Random Tidbits of a summer evening

  1. The waking-up-early-to-meditate thing? Is not going well. Possibly because the staying-up-too-late-reading thing is still in full force. Turns out that lack of sleep makes me a raging bitch mama! Who could have foretold?
  2. Possible TMI warning: I don’t know if I’m going through peri-menopause or if my IUD isn’t working or what the hell is the matter, but I have been going through mega-crazy PMS this last week and it is getting really old. I hate how even knowing that your responses are purely irrational and hormone-overload-based does not actually help you calm the fuck down. Also, why does it have to be that the older I get, the more completely psycho my monthly cycle makes me? WHO IS THIS HELPING?
  3. One of the awesome things about having both girls obsessed with knock-knock jokes is being able to listen to them tell said jokes to each other over the nursery monitor after they’ve been put to bed. The Hatchling knows some actual knock-knock jokes, but the Sprout basically tells one “joke,” which goes like this: Knock Knock. (Who’s There?) Banana. (Banana Who?) (pause) … PUT IT IN YOUR EYE! (cackling laughter). Surreal, yet satisfying.
  4. In case there was any doubt that an academic nerd still lurks underneath this stay-at-home-mama façade, I spent approximately two hours this afternoon composing a carefully worded email explaining why I think essentialist feminism is a bunch of bunk. (Actually, pretty much essentialism full stop.) On the plus side, it’s nice that I know people with whom I can have such exchanges. On the minus side, this is time that could perhaps have been spent more profitably cleaning my incredibly dirty floors. June Cleaver, I am not.

3 responses to “Random Tidbits of a summer evening

  1. Essentialist feminism still has adherents? Who knew?? It’s worse than bunk–it’s incoherent.

  2. Getting old sucks. You’re tired and menopause lurks, right?

    Btw, you know how I go to bed at like 8:30 or 9 to get up at 5 to work and get other things done b4 my girls wake up at 6? The really sucky part about that is no more reading before bed. I haven’t read a book in like….many many months. I read the New Yorker, a few pages at a time. But there literally is no time to read books anymore. I have to turn out the light at 9 or I do not get enough sleep!!! (it still happens at times, but I try to get 8 hours.)

  3. Regarding #3. Did you get more satisfaction out of writing your email and flexing your noggin muscles than would cleaning the floors? Is, so it is way more worth it than having clean floors. The floors can wait.