Random Tidbits, Post-Oscar edition

1. It’s officially the end of an era: last night, for the first time in 5 years, I correctly predicted fewer than 15 of the Oscar winners. (I got 13 right.) I blame the Hatchling, who is seriously hampering my ability to go out to the movies as much as I would like to, and who tries to eat my issues of Entertainment Weekly whenever she gets her hands on them. C’mon, kid! The Mamala has a reputation to maintain, here!

2. I thought the ceremony was pretty enjoyable, overall. No major wardrobe malfunctions (except WTF was up with Jennifer Hudson’s Star Trek bolero? Seriously, J Hud: those are not three words that should ever be used to describe a red carpet ensemble), and I was pretty happy with the winners in every category. I thought Ellen was a solid host, unfortunate white patent leather shoes aside, and the repeated views of Jack Nicholson’s newly shorn pate injected the necessary element of crazy into the proceedings. My only major beef: what the hell was UP with all the montages? And why the fuck were they all so damn long? I mean, you’re cutting off thank-you speeches at 10 seconds, but you can spend three minutes on a random “Amercian Film” montage that has even less coherence than Paula Abdul after a gulp of her “coke” on American Idol? That ain’t right.

3. Oh, and also, Pilobolus, which is one of my favorite dance troupes in the world, was completely wasted in those behind the screen silhouette-y bits. They are sooooo much cooler than that. I hope they got paid a bazillion dollars for the appearance and are using the money to fund a radical new dance piece or something.

4. I didn’t live-blog the proceedings because we had people over to watch the ceremony with us. Most of the invitees pussed out because of the rawther large snowfall we got yesterday, but several intrepid friends made it over, so we got to snark it up in company. We also enjoyed some delectable white trash comestibles, about which I shall blog more later.

5. Non Oscar-related tidbit: Does anyone know when kids are supposed to get their first molars? Because the Hatchling is starting to sprout hers, and it is making us both cranky. I thought they weren’t supposed to get those until like, 18 months or something. Am I just on crack?

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