Random Tidbits

– I always thought that the theory was that if your kid wasn’t in daycare, they wouldn’t get sick as much. Maybe that’s true, but lord have MERCY we cannot stay cold-free this winter. It’s not just the Hatchling – Mr. Squab and I have gotten sick far more often than we ever have before. This, even though we’re more careful than ever to wash our hands, use Purell, and generally keep things as antiseptic as we can. Sux.

– We saw Pan’s Labyrinth this weekend. Damn, is that a cool movie. The imagery is amazing and the story is both beautiful and heartbreaking. Highly recommended.

– Mr. Squab turns 29 years old tomorrow. (I know! So young!) As a combination birthday/Valentine’s Day/5th anniversary present, we’re getting a mongo flat screen TV. And by mongo, I mean 47 inches of LCD gorgeousness, on which we can watch the Oscars in style. Quoth the wife of Mr. Squab’s boss: “So, you’re not getting the giant TV for the Superbowl, but you’re getting it for the Oscars? (Pause.) Awesome.”

– I’m directing again, for the first time since fall of ’05. I’ve been nervous about balancing directing with parenting duties, as both jobs have a tendency to suck all the energy and focus you have, but so far it’s going really well. The show is a gem, the cast is (so far, knock wood) phenomenal, and it’s nice to be back in the saddle.

– It is FUCKING COLD here.

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