There are good moments

Today, I was changing the Sprout’s diaper and the Hatchling came up behind me to watch.

“Oh. POOOOP,” she observed knowledgeably.

“Yep, I’m changing the baby’s diaper. Gotta get that poop off her butt.”

The Hatchling patted me on the back approvingly, and then asked, “Scwatchy back?”

“Sure!” I said, “I love having my back scratched.”

A brief but pleasurable back scratching occurred; then the Hatchling noticed the Sprout’s old diaper, wrapped up and sitting on the arm of the sofa.

“Oh! I take-a diaper, frow in garbage,” she said helpfully, and proceeded to do just that.

“Thank you, honey!” I said, “that was very, very helpful!”

“OK,” the Hatchling said. You know, like: no big deal, mom.

Those big-sister instincts are definitely kicking in.

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