This is just to say

… that my brother is getting married this weekend, and relatives have already started arriving, and so posting will probably be nonexistant until Sunday at the earliest. BUT, I wanted to state for the record that trick-or-treating with two precocious one year olds is pretty much the cutest thing ever. The Hatchling actually got the hang of the routine after about two houses, and would stand waiting for me or her daddy to ring the doorbell, then wait for the person to come out and exclaim over how cute she was, at which point she would strategically smile and babble while carefully approaching the candy bowl. She didn’t quite get the whole transfer-of-candy-from-bowl-to-bag concept; she just put her candy back in the original bowl about 75% of the time, but since we’re not letting her eat any of it anyway, who cares? BFF Fi, meanwhile, provided comic relief by occasionally taking a header into the lawn or onto various porches and then continuing on as if nothing had happened. Best of all: one-year-olds are too little to whine about how much candy they’re allowed to eat (aka none, see above). All in all, quite enjoyable.

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