Tide-me-over posting

Busybusybusy. But here’s a brief update:

– The house hunt continues. We’ve made an initial offer on a place, but everything is still up in the air; I’ll blog the details (and possibly pictures) as soon as I’m able. Suffice it to say that Mr. Squab is having heart palpitations and keeps muttering phrases like “money pit” and “this is happening too fast” and “I feel sick” under his breath. Keep your fingers crossed. I think.

– I’m having another ultrasound tomorrow, partly just to make sure everything is still OK (no reason to think otherwise) and partly to see if Hoss will be more cooperative this time about letting the doctors see his/her kidney and heart functions, or something. Seeing as how he/she is kicking me in the bladder on a fairly regular basis and with increasing intensity, I’m pretty sure all is well. But it will be nice to see the little bugger again.

– The job, it sucks. Not really newsworthy, I know, but I just thought I’d state it for the record.

– and, oh, yeah: Happy New Year!

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