True Story

One of my headlights went out about three weeks ago. Or at least I *noticed* it about three weeks ago, so it probably happened about six weeks ago, but whatever. So it was just getting annoying enough that I was actually going to do something about fixing it, and then one weekend evening I go out to run an errand and lo! I have two functional headlights. When I get home, I ask the spouse if he fixed it for me (which would be surprising, but not unprecedented). He gives me a “what are you talking about” look and says no, he didn’t fix it. And unless I’ve taken to some extremely crafty sleepwalking, *I* sure didn’t fix it. Yet fixed it most certainly is. Possible explanations:

  1. There’s a random-acts-of-kindness mechanic in our neighborhood.
  2. Squirrels.
  3. The spouse actually DID fix it, he just doesn’t want the cred – yeah, I can’t even finish writing that one without laughing. Never mind.
  4. A hot new teen trend in “reverse vandalism.”
  5. It’s a Christmas miracle.

Or it could be some kind of electrical short that suddenly reconnected. IF YOU’RE BORING.

3 responses to “True Story

  1. Hilde Lindemann

    I prefer to think that your long-suffering car took pity on you, and gave you an early Christmas present. Yeah. That’s it.

  2. 6. Spooks. It’s cool now, but wait till they do up your seatbelt for you. Tighter and TIGHTER…

  3. Shannon Ralph

    I liike the idea of a Christmas miracle, but my money is going on crafty squirrels.