Things that have been cancelled in the past five days due to the illness of one family member or another:

  1. Playdate to maintain sanity on school day off.
  2. Ballet lesson.
  3. Any errands to any store that don’t involve buying juice or ibuprofen or decongestants or cough medicine or …
  4. Playdate to maintain sanity on MLK day.
  5. Chad going to work this morning.
  6. Me going to a yearly ladies’ night out this evening.

I don’t even know why I MAKE plans this time of the year. I think the high – THE HIGH – today was zero degrees fahrenheit. The only reason I left the house at all was a) prior to this morning, I had not stepped outside for four days running, and b) it was the only way to have four glorious child-free hours.

On the plus side, I myself am not sick. Yet. And I showered, so at least I’m clean. And … lessee … I made pumpkin bread last night, and we have a house with a functional heater. Also I don’t have leprosy and the sky isn’t raining blood. THINK POSITIVE.

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