Um, What? It’s Tuesday already?

Whew, this week is going fast. Not that we’ve been doing anything particularly exciting, mind you. But Mr. Squab is home this week, burning up some of his crazy backlog of vacation days, and that does make the time fly by a little faster. I don’t seem to have anything blogworthy to share, but here’s some other random shit I’ve come across in the past few days:

Beckett for Babies – this is GENIUS. I would so buy this boardbook. As the author says, “If it is never too early to read to your baby, it is never too early to prepare her for graduate school.”

Did you know Sesame Street is now doing free video podcasts? They’re each about 5 minutes long, the perfect length for distracting your toddler from whatever havoc she’s currently wreaking over there in the corner. No, the other corner. Behind you. With the cat.

Halloween is coming! We’re not crazy into it in this household, but we’ll take any excuse to dress the kid up in a cute costume. The Hatchling will be going as a ladybug this year. Kind of like this costume, only cuter and cheaper. Don’t worry, there will be pictures. Way too many pictures.

This just in: Home Depot = condescending sexist motherfuckers. See the Bitch for the details.

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